67. Aletha Shepherd “Safe Bet”

One of my favorite films at the Sherman Oaks Film Festival in 2016 was Safe Bet, a beautifully made film about a memorable evening in a young woman’s life.  Safe Bet was the brainchild of Aletha Shepherd, a Londoner living in Los Angeles who’s one of those people that never seems to stop working.

Aletha moved back to London and it took us a long time to coordinate when we could chat, but we worked it out.  And I’m glad we did!  Besides the fact that I want you all to see Safe Bet, it was great to learn more about Aletha and to hear what she was brewing.

As always… watch the film!  It is available on Amazon Prime right now.  To watch it, CLICK HERE or search for Safe Bet however you get to Amazon Prime.


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