76. Joe Petricca “A Meditation”

Joe Petricca’s short film A Meditation took home the Audience Award at the Sherman Oaks Film Festival in 2017.  Winning this award was no surprise, as A Meditation is one of those short films that completely engages its audience from start to finish.

Joe gave a great Q&A at the festival but, just like his film, it left me wanting more and that is exactly why I do this podcast.  Joe took the time to come by and we talked for a really, really long time.  But this podcast represents when we talked about Joe and his work.  It turns out I also recorded us talking about Los Angeles neighborhoods, home ownership, travel, favorite European cities, and everything else that concerns people in our age bracket.  Anyhow…

But BEFORE you listen to the interview, you should watch this terrific short film By Clicking Here.  That way you get the film festival experience of watching the film and then hearing bow the filmmaker got it to the screen.

Harold Perrineau in “A Meditation.”

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