87. Lorenzo Sterzi “The Blogger”

Lorenzo Sterzi lives in Montreal, so no picture of him with Jeff at the mic

Lorenzo Sterzi’s film The Blogger played at Film Invasion Los Angeles in 2018.  One of my personal favorites for its originality and vision, I must confess that I was disappointed when at the last minute work kept him from flying from Montreal to Los Angeles for the festival.  These are the moments I log it in my head that I have a podcast and will still get a chance to “meet” a filmmaker such as Lorenzo when I invite him to be interviewed on here.

He didn’t disappoint!  Besides being a delight to get to know over Skype, Lorenzo gave a GREAT interview.  And when he lived in Los Angeles for a year he happened to live right in my area.  Not that this effects you, but I’m glad that he and I will be able to hit The Cheesecake Factory together when he visits Los Angeles again.  Looking forward to it!

Now… The Blogger is a GREAT film that you should absolutely watch BEFORE hearing the the interview.

And you can watch it right here!

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