72. Varun Raman & Tom Hancock “Transmission”

Transmission.  Transmission is a film that you MUST SEE.  This film is a brilliant work of art from Varun Raman & Tom Hancock; a young team out of Manchester, England (though they’ve moved since) who studied film on their own, wrote a pile of scripts and then managed to put together a team and a cast to make something special.

They weren’t able to attend the Sherman Oaks Film Festival when we screened Transmission in 2017, but the joy of running this podcast is that it gave me a reason to get on Skype and chat with this amazing filmmaking team for a few hours.  

Besides being a pair of promising artists, Varun and Tom are also incredibly good guys.  Talking to them was like hanging out with friends.  I have no doubt that you will love listening to this podcast and hearing how they got their film made and what they plan to do next.

But first… watch Transmission and then listen to the interview.

Seriously… you MUST WATCH THIS FILM… watch it on the biggest screen you can find.. and click the heart in the corner to “like” it.

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