78. Heather Hillstrom “The King In The Ring”

At Film Invasion Los Angeles in June, 2018, Heather Hillstrom’s short film The King In The Ring took home a Grand Jury Prize.

This is one of those films that people will never forget.  I’m certain that in five or ten years, I can refer to this film and anyone who saw it will know what I am talking about.  It is that good and that memorable.

Heather sat for a great Q&A at the festival, so I was excited to have her come do a podcast and give us the full story.  She doesn’t disappoint.  In this interview you get to hear exactly what path she took to become the filmmaker she is today.

And look at her with the huge H on her shirt in front of my Ikea cabinets.  Could she look any cooler?  Nope.  She could not.

But BEFORE you listen to the interview, you should watch this terrific short film.  That way you’ll recreate the festival experience where you see the film and then hear from the filmmaker afterward.

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