79. 4Qs with Heather Hillstrom

Heather Hillstrom with her lead actor Jason Eftimoski at Film Invasion Los Angeles 2018

Heather Hillstrom took home the Grand Jury Prize at Film Invasion Los Angeles 2018 for her short film The King In The Ring.  Anytime I see a film that great at the festival I immediately start thinking about interviewing them for the podcast and finding out their favorites and not-so favorites when they answer the DIF4Q.

By the way, if you want to see The King In The Ring you can watch it right here!

What is DIF4Q?  It’s the Discover Indie Film Four Questions.

    • Name your favorite film of all time (limit 3)
    • Name a film you think is underrated
    • Name a film you think is overrated
    • Name a lesser-known film that you think people should seek out

Here are Heather’s DIF4Q answers:

  • Favorites: The Magnificent Ambersons, Carrie, Holy Motors
  • Underrated: The Great Wall
  • Overrated:  Blade Runner
  • Seek Out:  Tape

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