80. Sarah Prikryl “Family: A Love Story”

Jeff Howard, Jesse Mackey & Sarah Prikryl at Film Invasion Los Angeles 2018

The documentary Family: A Love Story took home a Grand Jury Prize at Film Invasion Los Angeles in 2018.  It is without a doubt one of the most wonderfully documentaries you could have caught on the festival circuit, and now it is available online at IndieBoom.

When you hear this interview with director Sarah Prikryl you get to find out that the process which brought this documentary to screen is as heartwarming as the documentary itself.  And Sarah’s path from actor to photographer to director has set her up perfectly to be one of the most talented filmmakers to come through the doors of Film Invasion Los Angeles.

But BEFORE you listen to the interview, you should watch this terrific short documenter.  For now you have to settle for the link above to the main IndieBoom page, but if I get an update link I’ll make sure it takes you directly to the film.

And… I just saw that IndieBoom allows an embed of the video… so here it is!

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