Author: Jeff Howard

412. 4Qs with Rich & Matt Van Tine

411. Matt & Rich Van Tine “Magic Box”

410. 4Qs with Alex & Todd Greenlee

409. Todd & Alex Greenlee “All Eyes”

408. 4Qs with Joey 西侧龙

407. Joey 西侧龙 “A Beautiful Escape”

406. 4Qs with Andrew Bourne

405. Andrew Bourne “Church Camp”

404. Darren Coyle “Operation: Payback”

403. 4Qs with Chris Browne

402. Chris Browne “Pleroma”

401. Fr3deR1cK Taylor “Where Is America The Beautiful?”

395. Eva Urrutia “Avec Le Temps (With Time)”

394. 4Qs with Duane Andersen

393. Duane Andersen “30 Meetings / 30 Days”

392. 4Qs with James Oxyer

391. James Oxyer “Sorry”

390. 4Qs with Renetta Amador

389. Renetta Amador “Processing”

388. 4Qs with Klaus Hoch

387. Klaus Hoch “Emergence”

386. 4Qs with Matthew Domenico

385. Matthew Domenico “If I Were To Speak Of War”

384. 4Qs with Ari Groobman

383. Ari Groobman “Essentially Amy”

382. 4Qs with Soren McVay & Alan Sanchez

381. Alan Sanchez & Soren McVay “Watcher”

380. Fr3deR1cK & Jeff Shoot the S**t, Part 1

379. 4Qs with Michael Heubel & Schyler Martin

378. Schyler Martin & Michael Heubel “Lucky”

377. 4Qs with Alex Kannan

376. Alex Kannan “La Cita (The Appointment)”

375. 4Qs with Chris Hall & Tommy Dickie

374. Tommy Dickie & Chris Hall “The Perfect First Date”

373. 4Qs with Matt Clifford & Mellinda Hensley

372. Mellinda Hensley & Matt Clifford “Across The Room”

371. 4Qs with Chandra Bond, Janelle Jones, & Aaron Bennett

370. Chandra Bond, Janelle Jones, Aaron Bennett & David J. Levine “Good Counsel”

369. 4Qs with Hassan El-Amin

368. Hassan El-Amin “The Strong Box”

367. 4Qs with Ty Clancey

366. Ty Clancey “Thank You For Staying”

365. 4Qs with Brett Nicoletti

364. Brett Nicoletti “Greg is Here”

363. 4Qs with Tony, April, Andrew, & Cameron

362. Cameron, Andrew, April & Tony “This Sucks” & “Driven: The Tony Pearson Story”

361. 4Qs with Christine Celozzi

360. Christine Celozzi “My Friends The Plants”

359. 4Qs with Vitória Vasconcellos

358. Vitória Vasconcellos “Pathei Mathos”

357. 4Qs with Alix Angelis

356. Alix Angelis “Seance-ing”

355. 4Qs with Noel David Taylor

354. Noel David Taylor “Man Under Table”

353. 4Qs with Clare Cooney & Alyssa Thordarson

352. Alyssa Thordarson & Clare Cooney “After (A Love Story)”

351. 4Qs with Shelley Daniels & Cheryl Graeff

350. Cheryl Graeff
 & Shelley Daniels “The Resentful Angel”

349. 4Qs with Céline Tshika

348. Céline Tshika “The Wapidemic”

347. 4Qs with Pieter Coudyzer

346. Pieter Coudyzer “The Passerby”

345. 4Qs with Kevin Grossman

344. Kevin Grossman “Me Is You”

343. 4Qs with Jerome Marshall

342. Jerome Marshall “Soft Spot”

341. 4Qs with Daniel Robert Cohn

340. Daniel Robert Cohn “The World’s Gone Nutz”

339. 4Qs with Sarah Lyddan & Skylar Adams

338. Skylar Adams & Sarah Lyddan “Lonely Night”

337. 4Qs with Shelton R. Johnson

336. Shelton R. Johnson “The Legend of Walkin’ Willie”

335. 4Qs with Gregory JM Kasunich

334. Gregory JM Kasunich “How To End A Conversation”

333. 4Qs with Tim Slowikowski & Aaron Hagele

332. Aaron Hagele & Tim Slowikowski “Party Dream”

331. 4Qs with Greg Berman

330. Greg Berman “She Used to Laugh”

329. 4Qs with Mike Harris

DIF Review: ?????????? Party Dream

328. Mike Harris “I Am The Devil”

S7 E10. The Resentful Angel


S7 E8. Avec Le Temps (With Time)

S7 E7. Space Quest, The Legend of Walkin’ Willie & I Am The Devil

S7 E6. The 5th of April & Waves

S7 E5. Pre-Existing Freedom & Greg is Here

S7 E4. Curiosity, Soft Spot, Thank You For Staying & Processing

S7 E3. Lou, Seance-ing, Me Is You & Miniature Chess

S7 E2. How To End A Conversation, Pathei Mathos & Helper

S7 E1. The World’s Gone Nutz, The Wapidemic & Good Counsel

327. 4Qs with Jenny Pill

326. Jenny Pill “VOICE”

325. 4Qs with Christopher Ninness

324. Christopher Ninness “The Kids are Still Here”

323. 4Qs with Sarah Cugini & Brandon C. Lay

322. Brandon C. Lay & Sarah Cugini “Bitter Taste of Ginger”

321. 4Qs with Karina Wolfe

320. Karina Wolfe “Lou”