Author: Jeff Howard

Episode 62: DIF4Q with Christopher Cramer

Episode 61: “Stay” with Chris, Devin & Zach

Episode 60: DIF4Q with Seth Coltan

Episode 59: Seth Coltan “Memorial Day”

Episode 58: DIF4Q with Lindsay Nyman

Episode 57: Lindsay Nyman “The Blind Center”

Episode 56: DIF4Q with Tim Cruz

Episode 55: Tim Cruz “The Blind Center”

Episode 54: DF4Q with Mylissa Fitzsimmons

Episode 53: Mylissa Fitzsimmons

Episode 52: DF4Q with Mikhael Bassilli

Episode 51: Mikhael Bassilli

Episode 50: DF4Q with Miri Stone

Episode 49: Miri Stone “The Hunter”

Episode 48: DF4Q with Hayden Croft & Jay Eftimoski

Episode 47: Hayden Croft & Jay Eftimoski “New Age, Olde English”

Episode 46: The Oscars Results Podcast Party

Episode 45: The Oscars Prediction Podcast

Episode 44: DF4Q with Ché Baker

Episode 43: Ché Baker

Episode 42: DF4Q with Alex Merkin

Episode 41: Alex Merkin “This Modern Man Is Beat”

Episode 40: DF4Q with Jeff Simpson

Episode 39: DF4Q with Jean-Marie Marbach

Episode 38: Jean-Marie Marbach “Fiebre En La Disco”

Episode 37: DF4Q with Douglas Mueller

Episode 36: DF4Q with Ryan Barton-Grimley

Episode 35: Ryan Barton-Grimley & Douglas Mueller

Episode 34: Douglas Mueller

Episode 33: Ryan Barton-Grimley

Episode 32: DF4Q with Angela Liu

Episode 31: DF4Q with Max Silver

Episode 30: Max Silver “Trunk Space”

Episode 29: DF4Q with Caroline O’Brien & James Medeiros

Episode 28: James Medeiros & Caroline O’Brien “Puppet Life”

Episode 27: DF4Q with Chris Fiore

Episode 26: Chris Fiore

Episode 25: DF4Q with Todd Wiseman Jr.

Episode 24: Todd Wiseman Jr. “Army of God”

Episode 23: DF4Q with Preston Peterson & Jason Boesch

Episode 22: Preston Peterson & Jason Boesch

Episode 21: DF4Q with Paulina Lagudi

Episode 20: Paulina Lagudi “This Is How”

Episode 19: DF4Q with Steve Doxey

Episode 18: Steve Doxey

Episode 17: DF4Q with Eli Stern

Episode 16: Eli Stern

Episode 15: DF4Q with George Moïse

Episode 14: George Moïse

Episode 13: DF4Q with Lily

Episode 12: DF4Q with Dylan Sanford

Episode 11: Dylan Sanford “An Entanglement”

Episode 10: DF4Q with James Siewert

Episode 9: James Siewert “The Past Inside The Present”

Episode 8: DF4Q with Neil Payne

Episode 7: Neil Payne

Episode 6: DF4Q with Ashley Erin Campbell & Holland Olmstead

Episode 5: Ashley Erin Campbell & Holland Olmstead “Above Jewels”

Episode 4: DF4Q with Steve Desmond

Episode 3: Steve Desmond

Episode 2: DF4Q with Jamie Brindle

Episode 1: Jamie Brindle